Inherent Light Transition

by Water Wingz

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released June 7, 2017

Andrew Scott-Guitar solo on It's Fun, sax for Let's Hang out Here.
Colin Neal-Keys performance and composition on Let's Hang out Here.
All other performances, composition, and mixing by Adam Fenton.
Mastered by Andrew Scott. (thanks guys).



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Water Wingz Carrboro, North Carolina

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Track Name: It's Fun
Answer, I need you on my side I've been so caught up too.
I saw my light, he's there so you must know yours too.
Its fun at the meeting.
We crawl so helplessly behind the ones we serve,
We call effortlessly towards truth we all deserve.
Track Name: Hear My Love
That could've hurt so bad, coulda made you think.
Release it now it's cool, I'm not ok but it's ok, You're not ok but it's ok.
Want you to hear my love.
We know our world is cold, stay silent anyway,
fearful of distant souls, free love is not cliché.
Track Name: I Want This
I won't watch my descent in some special way
causation ever present, take it day by day
sitting here surrounded by myself, is this really it?
make a cool song by myself, this is really lit
I want this, I want you to, I see myself, i'll pull thru
Recognition won't suffice, gotta live this shit
Well aware there's no choice, I'm so through with it
Don't wanna go back to that place, I'm of more use here
Fail last time and fail again, but diminish fear.
Track Name: Stoy
I know I have a voice, it's just a whisper, it's ok that this hurts, I'm here
Big problems all around, mine feel like nothing, mind tells me something's wrong
when it's all over my love will stay
I wanna help you out, I wish I had to, all these distractions count
Big patterns all around, sad people moving, sad people losing with grace
Track Name: Wait Around
I'm losing balance, I can't find focus
I'm losing balance, my eyes sunk to deep inside of my head, I can't make out anything.
Wait around, wait around, drain all my blood don't make no sounds.
Track Name: New New
You fail gracefully as I watch so faithfully wanna see myself make it
but I wait impatiently as I kill myself, remain stagnant for a little while
I was looking at the rest feeling just a little better that I knew what I could do, But I love you more than that, I won't lie and say I don't, I just never tried one time, but now I'll take this thing you're offering,
A piece of you find peace here softly.
Now I feel so bad, gonna turn out like my dad even though I'm just 20, and I'll run so willingly into the arms of everything that I claimed I hated, it just feels so good to me, you know I can't just be here, I exist with conditions, and I wanna help you out, at least that's what I tell myself, I decide when I'm honest.
Track Name: Let's Hang out Here
When we're both in that place my love, I see everything you see, I glimpse your humanity, breathe the air pushed out by our speech.
We both got this, let's hang out here.
When we think of the ones we love, it's not just the ones we know, but we'll always be blind you see, try our best with transparency.